Masimo Rad 5 Pulse Oximeter System


The Rad-5 system unit we offer has been specifically designed for use on newborns but can also be used on children and adults.

Rad 5 System Includes

  • Rad-5 Pulse Oximeter
  • Red LNC-04 Cable 
  • Reusable LNCS YI Multi-Site Sensor
  • Handheld Protective Boot with stand
  • Wrap Sample Pack
  • Neonate Disposable Sensor, Sterile
  • Infant Disposable Sensor, Sterile
  • Pediatric Disposable Sensor, Sterile
  • Adult Disposable Sensor, Sterile

The Rad-5 is an accurate hand-held pulse oximeter that is perfect for both continuous monitoring and spot-check applications. Our Rad-5 Pulse Oximeter System comes complete with a reusable sensor to save you the expense of continually purchasing disposable sensors, and it also includes the protective boot casing with built in table-top stand for added protection and convenience. This multi-use pulse oximeter can be used on adults, children and because it is motion tolerant it is ideal for use on newborns and infants. 

This unit's reusable sensor works with wraps specially designed for each age/size group. The Infant Foam Wrap is ideal for newborns as it is gentle on their delicate skin and can be re-used if desired. The Infant Petite Disposable Wraps are also available for those looking for a standard infant wrap, and the Adult/Pediatric Multi Site Wrap is specifically designed for children and adults. We also carry Neonate Disposable Sensors and Infant Disposable Sensors - one-time use adhesive sensors for situations when protocols require a new sensor for each use. Simply remove the Rad-5 reusable sensor and insert the disposable sensor as required.


  • Offers accurate measurements during motion & low perfusion - scientifically & clinically proven
  • Lightweight, convenient hand-held device
  • Battery operated: over 30 hours life on four AA batteries
  • Up to 72 hours of trending memory
  • Perfusion Index (PI) indicates arterial pulse signal strength
  • Use as diagnostic tool during low perfusion
  • FastSat tracks rapid changes in arterial Owith unmatched fidelity
  • Signal IQ (SIQ) bar for signal identification & quality indication during motion
  • SmartTone beeps in sync with pulse, even under patient motion condition
  • Sensitivity options: APOD, Normal & MAX
  • Audible and visual alarms for High/Low Saturation, Pulse Rate, Sensor Off and Low Battery
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defect

For a printable guide for Newborn CCHD Screening's click here

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