• Binah Birth & Breastfeeding, LLC- Shoshanah Blaiss MSN, CNM, IBCLC

Binah Birth & Breastfeeding, LLC- Shoshanah Blaiss MSN, CNM, IBCLC

Custom birth kit for clients of Binah Birth & Breastfeeding, Shoshanah Blaiss MSN, CNM, IBCLC

Birth kit contains: 

8x Underpads 23x36"
20x Underpads 23x24"
3x Adult sanitary briefs, Depends style
10x Peach OB pads 7x14"
2x Mesh Pants deluxe unisize
1x Peri bottle 8 oz. 
2x Umbilical cord clamps, sterile
3x Perineal cold packs
1x Infant cap, white
6x Alcohol prep pads, large
1x Sterifeed cord ring
1x Paper measuring tape, 24"
10x Lube jelly 5g packets
2x Gauze pads, sterile- tray of 10
5x Gauze pads, sterile- 2 pack
2x 2 oz bulb syringe
1x Hibiclens scrub brush
4x AloeTouch nitrile gloves, singles, sterile- medium
4x AloeTouch nitrile gloves, pairs, sterile- medium
1x Maternity pads 11" - 12 pads


Optional items: 

Wish Garden Afterease 1 oz tincture
Eldoncard Blood Typing Test Kit (Shoshanah asks that you purchase 2 kits)

Wish Garden Sitz Bath Herbs 3.5 oz
Bio K Mulsion 1 oz Oral Vitamin K Drops
Arnica Montana 30c

Emesis Bag
FridaMom Upside Down Peri Bottle
Herb Lore Organic Postpartum Sitz Bath 
Witch Hazel 16 oz bottle
Hydrogen Peroxide 16 oz bottle
Pool Debris Net
Plastic Sitz Bath
Kleenprint Infant Footprint Kit 
Electric Air Pump for Birth Pools
Eco-Friendly Drinking Water Hose (select 25ft or 50ft)
Simply Birth Waterbirth Kit (with individual use tub)


$ 74.00