• Eldon Card - Blood Typing Test Kit

Eldon Card - Blood Typing Test Kit

The EldonCard blood typing kit can be used at home or professionally to easily and quickly provide blood type results--A, AB, B, or O, and Rhesus factor-Rh negative or Rh positive. This test is FDA 510k certified and approved. The test only takes a few minutes without the need for any laboratory supplies or training. By simply comparing the results from the blood sample coagulation on the special pretreated areas of the test card with a graphic picture chart included, the correct blood type grouping is known. The test card can then be filled out with personal identification information and laminated with the provided plastic sheet to create a permanent record. The test kit utilizes basic forward antibody methods of hematology for determining blood type.

This fast, easy-to-use blood typing kit contains everything needed to determine blood type and Rh factor using a whole blood sample obtained from a finger stick. Each Test Kit includes one blood typing card, an automatic lancing device, an alcohol prep pad, a cotton ball, EldonSticks sample collection and transfer devices, a transfer pipette, a color result chart, a laminating sheet, and instructions.

$ 14.00