• Herb Lore - Anti-Hemorrhage Tincture

Herb Lore - Anti-Hemorrhage Tincture

Anti-Hemorrhage Tincture  1 oz. tincture
Contains Blue Cohosh, Yarrow, Motherwort & Alfalfa. 

Herb Lore's Anti-Hemorrhage Tincture is used to help staunch bleeding after a birth. it's best used immediately after the birth, and as long as the bleeding continues. The Blue Cohosh is an oxytocic herb, helping the uterus to contract and clamp down. Yarrow is a powerful styptic. Motherwort is well-known for being a reliable hemorrhage preventor and uterine tonic, and the Alfalfa is very high in Vitamin K, helping to coagulate blood. Use only at birth. This product is not for use during pregnancy.

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