• Intuitive Rhythms Midwifery, Heather Hanning, LM, CPM

Intuitive Rhythms Midwifery, Heather Hanning, LM, CPM

Custom birth kit for clients of Intuitive Rhythms Midwifery
Heather Hanning, LM, CPM

Birth Kit Contains:

2x poly backed paper sheets
25x Chux pads 23x36
1x paper towel
2x cord clamps
2x infant caps white
1x Kleenprint footprinter
1xMeasuring Tape-paper 
1x hydrogen peroxide
1x alcohol
1x goldenseal powder
1x new mothers nipple salve
15x Gauze 4x4 sterile 
1x BPA Free Stainless Steel Reusable Straw
2x premium mesh panties
2x perineal cold packs
1x plastic bowl 6qt.
6x peach contoured OB pads
1x maternity pads 11”
1x scissors, floor grade 5.5
1x bulb syringe
1x peri bottle
1x gallon freezer bag
1x trash bag 30 gal
2x trash bags 13 gal
2x paper bags
1x sterile pairs of latex gloves size 7.0
1x sterile pair of Latex gloves size 6.0 
1x Sterifeed cord ring
1x Hibiclens scrub brush
1xWish Garden Afterease 
1x Disposable pool eco Liner-small 
1xPool Debris net 


Optional Items 

1xWish Garden Sitzbath Jar 4.5oz 
1xWish Garden Baby blues 
1x Arnica Montana Homeopathic 30x-250 tablets 
1xHose/sink Faucet Adapter 
1x Hose/shower Adapter