• Generations Midwifery - Julia Amend, LM, CPM

Generations Midwifery - Julia Amend, LM, CPM

Custom Birth Kits for clients of Generations Midwifery- Julia Amend, LM, CPM

Birth Kit Contains:

10x Underpads 23x36
1x Peri-bottle 8 oz
1x Bulb syringe 2 oz
10x Sterile gauze 4x4 Non-woven
1x Sterile gauze 4x4 Tray
1x Emesis bag
2x Tenderfoot Heel Lancet
8x Sterile lube jelly packets .5g
1x Infant footprint kit with Born at Home keepsake certificate
1x Paper measuring tape 24”
1x Perineal cold pack
3x Depends-style briefs size Large
1x Scrub brush Hibiclens
1x Sterifeed cord ring
1x Olive oil bottle 4 oz
6x Nitrile Sterile Exam Pairs size small


$ 50.00