• Kleen-Print Footprinter

Kleen-Print Footprinter

Kleen-print Footprinter is designed to provide positive identification and correlation of mother and newborn by permanently recording the mother's fingerprint and baby's footprint without the usual mess and bother. It puts the ink on the form...not on the people. No longer does the midwife have to put up with the messy job of cleaning ink off the baby, off the mother, off herself (or off her clothes).

The secret is in the micro-thin film (so thin it conforms to even the smallest ridges). The film has a scientifically-determined amount of fingerprint ink pre applied to the underside...leaving the top side clean. When the baby's foot is pressed on the clean side of the film, the inked side makes the print. Since only the underside of the film is inked, the ink never touches the mother or the baby.

$ 5.00