• La Bassine Professional Pool

La Bassine Professional Pool

La Bassine® Original Pro - Professional Grade Inflatable Pool
(liner not included)

External - 65" x 53" x 30"
Internal  - 50" x 38" x 26" 
Long enough to stretch out.  Deep enough to cover your waist. 

Oval Shape:
Because of its oval shape, a 100 gallons gives you the perfect water depth without over taxing your hot water tank.

Made 0.60mm Vinyl - 30% stronger then the regular La Bassine Pool

Eco-friendly vinyl - no phthalates, lead or cadmium

Ethically manufactures; no child, forced or underpaid labor

La Bassine is strong and durable.

La Bassine's soft sides and inflatable 3" floor provides wonderful comfort.

Now here is a good idea, two internal handles for easier position changes. These handles are sturdy and unobtrusive. A perfect addition to a great inflatable pool!

Inflates & Deflates Quickly:
The large air valve allows for fast inflating and deflating.

Carrying Case:
La Bassine comes with its own carrying case and repair kit.

Comes with factory warranty for 10 uses or 1 year from day of purchase, which ever comes first. Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship which includes: 

  • Fabric is covered against cracking, porosity and rot.
  • Seams are covered against de-laminating

Warranty does not cover punctures or tears caused by operator use and does not apply to normal wear and tear. Simple pin hole leaks are not covered. Patches come with the pool for this type of minor repair.

$ 260.00