• Lancet - Gentleheel®

Lancet - Gentleheel®

The Gentleheel® lancet is a safe, and very effective method of obtaining blood samples from the heels of infants. A surgical stainless steel blade incises to a controlled standardized depth and length above the pain fibers making the procedure virtually pain-free. Gentleheel® lancets create incisions that allow blood to flow more freely, reducing the need to squeeze the foot. Blade permanently and automatically retracts after use. 1mm incision depth; 2.5mm length.

The updated design improvements were driven by your peers! Even with these changes, gentleheel continues to function as it always has, delivering accurate and less traumatic incisions.

Tri-level blade generates a smoother, sharper, less traumatic incision.
Unique cutting action provides a more consistent incision.
Hardened stainless steel blade improves the accuracy of the incision depth.

Welded plastic case prevents addidental exposure to the blade.
Permanent blade retaction minimizes possible injury or reuse.

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