• madreluzLA - Lauren French Hoy, MSM

madreluzLA - Lauren French Hoy, MSM

Custom Birth Kit for Madreluz LA - Lauren French Hoy, MCM, CPM, LM

 14x Underpad 30" x 30" Standard

10x Underpad 23" x 36"

1x infant Paper Tape Measure 24”

1x Neatnick® Lancet 

1x Umbilical Cord Clamp Sterile
1x Infant Heel Warmer
1x Infant Cap Unbleached
1x Hydrogen Peroxide 16oz

11x Gauze Sponge Sterile 4"x4" 12ply 2pk

1x Oral Digital Thermometer Quick Read (10sec.)

3x Lube Jelly Packets

1x Stainless Steel BPA Free Reusable Straw. 
2x Depend style briefs

3x Sterilization Pouch 5.25" x 10"

1x Natracare Maternity Pads (10 pads)

1x 8oz. Peri Bottle w/ Lid

1x Scrub Brush Sterile Hibiclens

2x Aloetouch Sterile Exam Gloves – Singles - Medium

3x Aloetouch Sterile Exam Gloves - Pairs – Medium
1x Neoprene Surgical Glove- Pair, sterile, size 6.5

1x Box of 100 Non-sterile Gloves Size Medium

1x Glow Stick

Optional Items:

Sitz Bath Basin
Arnica 30x
Lavendar Essential Oil
Mattress Cover
Kleenprint Infant Food Print Kit
Witch Hazel Astringent
Caulophyllum Homeopathic
Cimicifuga Homeopathic

All birth kits come packed in a custom Simply Birth premium non-woven polypropylene bag that is reusable for grocery shopping and more.