• Next Generation Midwifery- Ariana Cohen, LM, CPM

Next Generation Midwifery- Ariana Cohen, LM, CPM

Custom birth kits for clients of Next Generation Midwifery, Ariana Cohen, LM CPM

Birth kit contains: 

1x Reusable pad 34x36
2x Poly backed sheets 40x90

20x Underpads 30x30 deluxe
5x Depends style pull-ups 

1x All-size mesh pants

1x Box of Natracare Maternity Pads

7x Sterile 4x4 gauze sponges
4x Alcohol prep pads
 - medium
4x Sterile lube jelly 5g packets

1x BPA free reusable stainless steel straw
1x 8 oz Peri bottle

1x Hibiclens scrub brush

5x Sterile gloves, Aloetouch pairs -Medium

8x Sterile gloves, Aloetouch singles -Medium

4x Sterile gloves, Aloetouch singles -Small
2x Sterile gloves, Aloetouch pairs -Small
2x Paper trash bags

2x White 13 gallon trash bags

2x 1 Gallon Ziplock bags
1x Paper towel
1x Kleenprint footprinter

1x Sterifeed Cord Ring
1x 8oz Hydrogen peroxide

1x Herb Lore Postpartum sitz bath
1x Herb Lore Afterpain Relief 1oz tincture
1x Wishgarden Happy Ducts 1 oz tincture