• Roots Collaborative Care - Gaylea McDougal CPM

Roots Collaborative Care - Gaylea McDougal CPM

Custom birth kits for clients of Gaylea McDougal, CPM, of Roots Collaborative Care

Birth kit contains: 

20x Underpads 23x36
1x 2 oz Bulb Syringe
1x Emesis Bag
8x Gauze 4x4 12 ply 2 pack
1x Sterile glove pair medium aloe touch
1x Tenderfoot Heel Lancet
2x Infant cap unbleached
1x Peri bottle 8 oz
1x DeLee Suction Catheter
1x Hydrogen Peroxide, 16 oz
2x Umbilical Cord Clamp, sterile
1x Umbilical Cord Tape, sterile
1x Digital Thermometer, 30sec read
1x Fracture Bedpan
2x Premium Mesh Panties, choose size
10x Peach Contour OB Pads
1x Plastic Trash Black 30 gallon

Rh Negative Birth Option (Select Yes or No below):

1x Eldoncard Blood Typing Test Kit


With Bio K (Oral Vitamin K Drops)? (Select Yes or No below):