• Sunstone Anti Cramp Tincture

Sunstone Anti Cramp Tincture

Anti-Cramp relaxes the pelvic organs:

- decreasing abnormal pain during menstrual period,

- facilitating conception during the fertile part of a monthly cycle,

- helping to hold the pregnancy after conception during the first menstrual period,

- holding the pregnancy when miscarriage threatens during the first trimester,

- inducing miscarriage when it is known that the fetus has expired (take several times a day or once every 2 or 3 hours until miscarriage occurs),

- stopping excessive Braxton-Hicks contractions or false labor during the last trimester of pregnancy (take every 2 hours when excessive cramping begins until the symptoms stop),

- relieving after-birth pains

Dose: 10-15 or more drops in a small amount of warm water or juice as needed.

Ingredients: Organic or wild-harvested herbs: false unicorn root, lobelia aerial parts, black haw bark, cramp bark, cayenne fruit; Other organic ingredients: grain alcohol, apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycern and purified water.

$ 18.00