• Woven Midwifery - Ceniza Reed, LM, CPM

Woven Midwifery - Ceniza Reed, LM, CPM

Birth Kit for clients of Woven Midwifery, Ceniza Reed, LM, CPM

Birth Kit Contains:

18x Underpads 30"x36"
1x Mesh Pants Deluxe Unisize
1x Natracare Maternity Pads (10 pads)
1x Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, 16 fl. oz
1x 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 16 fl. oz
2x Vinyl Tarp 9'x12'
1x Paper Towel Roll
1x Kleenprint Footprinter ink pad
6x Alcohol Prep Pad Medium 2ply
6x Alcohol Prep Pad Large 2 ply
10x Lube Jelly Sterile 5gram packet
1x Sterile Field
1x 8oz. Peri Bottle w/ Lid
1x 3oz Bulb Syringe
1x Sterifeed cord ring
1x Infant Hat, unbleached
1x 3/0 Suture
1x 2/0 Suture
8x 800mg IBU's
3x Vitalyte Electrolyte packets
1x Gauze - Sponge 4x4 - Sterile - Tray of 10
6x Gauze - Avant Gauze 4x4 Sponge - Sterile - Non-Woven
2x 30gal Trash bag
2x Freezer bag 1 gal. 
12x Gloves - Kimberly Clark Nitrile Purple Exam - Sterile, medium, single
26x AloeTouch Vinyl Non-Sterile Powder Free, Medium
1x Miltex EZ-Zyme All Purpose Cleaner
1x Perineal Cold Pad Deluxe with Adhesive
2x Sterilization Pouch, 5.25x10" self sealing
1x Syringe - Standard Hypodermic Syringes with Needles 10mL
2x Syringe - Standard Hypodermic Syringes 3ml
1x Preservative Free Injectable Vitamin K
1x 2% Lidocaine Injection

Waterbirth Kit:

1x Hose/Shower adapter
1x Birth Tub Liner (Select Size below)
1x Pool Debris Net
1x Eco Friendly Water Hose 25ft/50ft (Select Size Below)


Optional but recommended items:

1x Stainless Steel Reusable Straw
1x Arnica 30x Pellets - 50 tablets
1x Wish Garden Afterease
1x Wish Garden Smooth Transitions